15 Common Betta Fish Diseases

Betta fish is the most beautiful type of fish with vibrant colors. However like other fishes, they are also easily affected by a number of diseases. The most common type of infection is caused due to water used in the aquarium which makes them ill. Hence the use of water conditioners is very important in order to prevent the fishes from getting affected. Following are the 15 common diseases due to which Betta fish gets affected.

  • Hole in the Head:

The infected fish usually have a hole in the head that occurs due to cleaning the water with carbon. It is advised to use water conditioners that cleans the water and prevents the fish from these diseases.

  • Eye cloud:

It can be reduced by cleaning the water regularly.

  • Mouth Fungus:

This also caused due to the impurity of the water in an aquarium.

  • Furunculosis:

The water quality should be improved to prevent fish from the diseases else they might suffer from skin ulcer.

  • Swim Bladder Disorder:

This makes the fish to float upwards towards the rim which is caused due to constipation, infections and bad sanitary conditions of the water.

  • Betta Tumors:

These are cancer lumps caused due to genetic mutations and can be prevented by regularly cleaning the fish tank with water conditioners.

  • Columnaris:

The bacterial infection can be prevented by treating open wounds.

  • Hemorrhagic:

This bacterial infection is caused due to the poor cleaning and maintenance of the aquarium.

  • Dropsy:

This can be prevented by cleaning the fish tank frequently and maintaining the same.

  • Pop Eye:

This is like a symptom that may lead to several other diseases if left untreated.

  • Fish Fungus:

These are primary infections which must be treated at once.

  • Velvet:

The parasitic infection can be controlled by providing clean living conditions.

  • Fin and Tail Rot:

This is also caused due to poor hygienic conditions of a fish tank.

  • Ich:

Frequent change of water in an aquarium tank can prevent this disease.

  • Anchor Worms:

This is a type of parasitic infection that should be treated in a new fish.

By the above diseases, it is clear that the majority of the diseases are caused due to the poor water conditions. Hence best water conditioners should be used that cleans the water from a variety of infections.