Top Issues Facing The IP Video Era

The society we’re living in today is fast changing. Hence, we need to adapt and make ourselves sync in with the calling of time. One such example of this chance are in the TV industry, specifically speaking, pay TV operators.

Traditional pay TV companies must respond to these issues for them to still have enough clients. Fortunately, these pay TV operators are already devising ways to solve the chaotic turmoil that’s happening with consumers.

This is done by using their strengths in recorded and live content availability. This brings OTT and pay TV features together and helps them upgrade to cloud-based next gen solutions to keep up with the pace of society’s fast innovation.

Operators choose Android TV over other methods

Android TV is one of the most controversial topics when it comes to pay TV operators. However, that’s slowly changing now as Google addresses the problem with the help of the advices it is getting from various operators.

IPTV transition is now starting among cable operators

Operators are now encouraged to look for new opportunities to earn money and provide services that are similar to OTT services. However, there is still a growing number of operators who aren’t sure on how they’re going to make this transition sustainable, such as how they can control costs and minimize user disruption.

Dynamic partnerships are becoming more important

A lot of new entertainment features pop up any time. Thus, pay TV operators must evaluate their services constantly instead of annually or even quarterly. Nonetheless, it needs a lot of flexibility and agility to get customers knowing that today’s marketplace is becoming very competitive.


With this being said, you can clearly see how things have changed for the TV industry, especially with TV channel operators. Nonetheless, change is inevitable, and the best way to go through this smoothly is by adapting. You can check out upmaker iptv to see what exactly these issues are we talking about.